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Two ways to move



Keep your business performing without a hitch during an office move. We ensure productivity and engagement don’t take a hit so your organization can move forward with business as usual—no delays from added activity and move-related stressors.


Unlimited one-on-one coaching for your internal point of contact

Proprietary space plan calculation template

Dedicated project manager to share best practices and guide against pitfalls.

Comprehensive stakeholder analysis

Customized roadmap designed for your business objectives

Project leader for the change management team

Ethnographic study with your current employee population including onsite observation

Change management for your employees during the move

Roadmap to avoid potential organization-specific pitfalls

Complete communication plan for all phases of the move

Change readiness assessment

Facilitated training sessions for leaders on best practices

New space design strategic plan

Hands-on support in the design phase to ensure your new space aligns with your organizational needs

A go-forward plan for continued success post-move

Pricing varies depending on number of employees.

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The Productivity + Culture package includes everything in the Productity package plus a bit more.

You want your business to stay productive during your business move but you also want to get strategic.

Office relocations offer a unique opportunity to hit the reset button on your culture. Instead of enabling an accidental and haphazard culture shift—which may not support the company’s strategic direction—we’ll position you for the future of your company and its continued growth.

Leverage this catalytic moment in your business’ history to create your ideal organizational culture. We will help you identify your ideal culture and apply our formulaic approach to culture change to make it happen. We don’t believe in pow-wows and trust falls. We will work with your team to identify RESULTS, BEHAVIORS, and the ENABLERS (or blockers) to get you where you want to be.

In addition, we'll make sure your future space is aligned with the culture you want to create. Do you want your team to be more innovative? To collaborate more? We'll help you design a space that facilitates what you want.

Includes everything in the Productivity Package PLUS:

A current-state culture analysis using our formulaic approach to culture design

A future-state roadmap to success designed by your culture change expert, but informed by your leadership team

A series of facilitated workshops at all levels of your organization to understand the existing enablers and blockers to culture change

An actionable plan to shift behavior immediately & over time

A customized communication and accountability plan for continued success

Pricing varies depending on number of employees.

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