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How good brokers turn the waiting game into a money-making moment

In an ideal office property transaction, you find a space, sign papers, shake hands, and call it a day.
But that’s not usually how things go.
Deals get stalled. Internal conflict rumbles. Clients become skittish, difficult, or undecided. Risks pop up out of nowhere, and everyone’s frustrated that nothing’s going like it was supposed to go. You just want a signature on that lease, but the clock is ticking, and resolution seems nowhere in sight.
What if you could avoid all that entirely?
What if you could promise productivity and positivity, instead of simply patience?

What if you could add value to your transactions—and make an extra percentage in the process?
Confidentiality, reputational risk, the idea of additional factors slowing down close times. We get it—it’s risky. But Ingage Inc. takes the pressure off your deals and pumps your brokerage full of benefits:

Close deals faster. We coach clients towards consensus so you can close deals faster.

Leave the emotions to us. You’re not a therapist. Let us handle internal conflict and keep the clients focused on that bigger, better space.

Make money even if you lose the deal. If you refer us business we will pay you a percentage on our fee so you can increase your return even if the tenant ends up signing a lease without you.
We position you as a broker who knows what’s important to clients. In some cases, including Ingage Inc. in your RFP will even help you win more business with clients who have long been waiting for a broker with a holistic view. Whoever the client is and wherever they’re at in their culture wars, let Ingage Inc. help you leave a good taste in their mouth—and wait for the referrals and repeat business to roll right in.



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