Top 3 pitfalls leaders make when moving offices

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Moving your office is a once a decade event. So while you may be a top leader in your industry you're probably not a business relocation expert too. Even the most seasoned CEOs can make major errors when moving their small to medium-sized business. In our experience these pitfalls fall into three main categories. 


1. Failure to anticipate resistance to change. 

Maybe you're the CEO of a forward thinking start-up. You've hired a throng of "millennials" who seem to thrive in a fast-paced changing world. Business moves are a whole other ball game. Today's empowered employees that embrace change still resist BEING changed without a say. Business moves fall into that category where the few constants are thrown out the window and can rock an employee population unexpectedly. Like it or not you will be leading your team through a major disruption and overcoming serious organizational inertia during this time. Failure to anticipate the effort and skill it takes to overcome resistance to business relocation change is the number one pitfall we see in this field.


2. Being blind to how small work space decisions can create big problems with employee

Imagine this: your lease is up and you have to move to another space of the same size. Seems simple enough. One organization we worked with did just that and suffered major consequences. They experienced unexpected employee attrition after the move. Why? The staff interpreted a move to a similarly sized space to mean that the company wasn't planning on growing. The lack of communication from leadership meant people jumped to conclusions that career development would be limited. Being unaware of these types of stressors and problems is a common pitfall for leaders who haven't done this before.


3. Missing out on a great opportunity to craft a better corporate culture

An office move can be challenging for many reasons. As a result many leaders go into crisis mode putting out fires and working hard to keep the lights on. However the most effective moves take advantage of this time to accelerate the business into the future. A business move is like a magic reset button. It is a catalytic event in your business' history that only happens every decade or so. Smart leaders use this transition an opportunity to have higher level conversations about what kind of corporate culture they want to have and how the new space can facilitate that. 

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Paige Brunton